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Evita - Broadway - Dave Roth

Dave Roth's percussion setup for the Broadway Revival of Evita at the Marquis Theatre.

Evita was one of the more diverse percussion books that I have encountered. It presented a very nice mix of classical and latin playing that was a terrific challenge every night.

The 2012 Broadway run was the 2006 re-orchestrated version from London. It attempted to add a little more authenticity to the various tango sections and of course the samba of Buenos Aires. I was very fortunate to be given a lot of leeway in creating my own part for this tune and particularly my own timbale solo. A big thank you goes out to musical director, Kristen Blodgette, for giving me that latitude. Also a big thank you goes out to Billy Miller for capturing my Buenos Aires performance in this video.


The instruments purchased for this production were a challenge as well due to financial restrictions. Of particular note was the search for an affordable marimba. After scouring the country we found a 1934 Deagan Masterpiece marimba through Shannon Wood at Mallet Shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Unfortunately it was only 3 1/2 octaves and the score called for the low E. So I contacted Gilberto Serna at Century Mallet in Chicago and he was able to locate a Deagan low E and an accompanying resonator. Then I called upon the Miller Machine's own Billy Miller to construct an attachable frame that could accommodate that note. You can see it in the picture below. It all worked out great.

Sometimes preparing for a Broadway percussion book takes a village!!!”

Dave also offers a performance clinic that will give you a glimpse into the world of a Broadway Percussionist and take you from the moment you’ve been hired for a show up to the first performance - everything from performance practices, researching music, instrument selection, setup challenges and even a few humorous stories from the Great White Way. You can see more in this video.


Dave is a proud endorser of Yamaha Percussion, Vic Firth, Latin Percussion, and Paiste Cymbals.

Evita - Broadway - Dave Roth
September 2012

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