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Nice Work If You Can Get It - Broadway - Andy Blanco

Andy Blanco's percussion setup for the Broadway revival of Nice Work If You Can Get It at the Imperial Theatre.

“When designing my set up I needed to make it slim instead of round because we had to have a pathway between the drums and percussion. There is a moment in the show where an actor enters the pit and climbs a ladder that is positioned directly in front of the glockenspiel. That is why I have the 23" timpani behind the 29" and 26", and the bass drum mounted from the ceiling.

It worked out well to have the vibraphone and xylophone in this position because there is a lot of back and forth between the two."

Andy is a proud endorser of Pearl/Adams Percussion, Innovative Percussion Sticks and Mallets, and Paiste Cymbals.

Nice Work If You Can Get It - Broadway - Andy Blanco
September 2012