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Lyrics and Lyricists - 92nd Street "Y" - Billy Miller

Billy Miller's setup for Brush Up Your Shakespeare: The Bard and the Broadway Musical from the "Lyrics and Lyricists" series at the 92nd Street Y in New York City.

"…I decided to bind my music to easily move the book from stand to stand."

"Normally I would make multiple copies of the book to have one each music stand but this was a very short rehearsal process so I decided to bind my music to easily move the same book from stand to stand. This way I knew I’d always have the right page displayed. I did make copies of two charts that I could leave on the vibes stand.

I used this opportunity to use my nesting kit that I built back in 2002. I used Keller shells and mostly Yamaha Hardware. The small tom fits inside the floor tom and both the floor tom and snare drum fit inside the bass drum.

Sizes are: 18”x16” Bass Drum, 8”x10” Small Tom, 11”x13” Floor Tom, and a 4”x13” Snare Drum.

The only way I could get the floor tom to fit inside the bass drum for nesting was to put it on a snare stand, hardware for legs made it too wide. It was hard finding a stand that would go low enough. I ended up with a vintage Sonor snare stand that I found at Nodar Rode’s Manhattan Drum Shop before he relocated to New Jersey.