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Dirty Dancing - Tour - Miles Lassi

Miles Lassi's percussion setup for the National Tour of Dirty Dancing at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans, Lousiana.


Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage, is a live recreation of the film rather than a musical. Most of the music comes straight from the movie and spans many genres, ranging from 60’s oldies to Latin.

My setup mainly consists of playing LP products, but there’s some glockenspiel and a nice Djembe feature as well. I also really dig my selection of Dream Cymbals which sound very unique and lush mic’d. The Miller Machine has been crucial for many quick changes to rhythmic triangle licks as well as passages where I’m required to play shaker, bongo and triangle all at once.

I have a great time playing the show! The band is awesome and Rick Donato is absolutely rock solid on drums. Each show is fun and fresh because I’m given a lot of freedom. Also being visible above the stage for many numbers really ramps up the excitement level. The audience gets so hyped to see all their favorite parts of the film live - it’s great to feed off that energy.”

  • LP Patato Fiberglass Congas (2)
  • LP Patato Fiberglass Tumba (1)
  • LP Johnny "Dandy" Rodriguez Bongos
  • Musser Bells
  • Dream Cymbals - 14" Contact Crash & 16" Dark Matter Crash
  • Abel 4" Triangle
  • Grover 4” Triangle
  • Treeworks Wind Chimes
  • Danmar Mounted Castanets 
  • Remo 16” Djembe
  • Assorted LP Tambourines, Bell Tree, Cabasa, Vibraslap, Guiro and Shakers

January 2014