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Crazy For you - Regional - Bill Klymus

Bill Klymus - Crazy For You Setup Shots04
Bill Klymus' percussion setup for Crazy For You at the Granville Performing Arts Center in Garland, Texas.

Bill Klymus - Crazy For You Setup Shots05
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"Crazy For You was an interesting show due to the fact that it was one of the first books to specifically call for a malletKat. Since I don't own one I had to do the opposite of what many other people do - I had to substitute acoustic instruments for electronic ones. This caused a few range issues with the chimes and vibes, but they were overcome fairly easily. Due to space, I couldn't bring an acoustic marimba, so those parts were played on the xylophone, with cord mallets. When possible, I played them an octave lower to compensate for transposition issues.

Since the theater's pit moves up and down at the beginning and end of the performance, I had to stay clear of the pit walls, so space was a bit reduced."

  • Ludwig 26" and 29" Professional Series Timpani
  • Musser Kelon Xylophone
  • Deagan Bells
  • Musser M44 Combo Vibraphone
  • Deagan 1 1/2" Chimes
  • Sabian 18" HHX Suspended Cymbal
  • Alan Abel 4" and 6" Triangles (mounted on a Grover Dual Triangle Mount, with a Miller Machine for the 6" triangle)
  • Zildjian D Natural Crotale
  • Fire Alarm/Fight Bell
  • Bell Plate
  • LP Cyclops Tambourine (mounted)
  • Washboard
  • Carroll Sound Bell Tree
  • Slide Whistle
  • Slap Stick
  • Frank Epstein Castanets
  • LP Cabasa
  • Spectrasound Mark Tree

Pop-gun and tuned taxi horns were not needed as those sections were cut.

  • Encore 202R Symphonic Series Bell/Xylo Mallets (with two layers of mole skin on one side of the ball for quick changes to timpani)
  • Mike Balter 22R Pro Vibe Mallets
  • Vic Firth M25 Gary Burton Vibe Mallets
  • Innovative Percussion IP907 Brass Bell Mallets
  • Stoessel Triangle Beater
  • David Herbert 3W Timpani Mallets

Bill Klytmus - August 2015

Bill Klymus - Crazy For You Setup Shots04