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Cinderella - Broadway - Bill Hayes

Bill Hayes' percussion setup for the Broadway production of Cinderella at the Broadway Theatre.

"Cinderella is a beautiful Rogers & Hammerstein score, and has what I call a ‘runaround’ part, lots of fast moves from one instrument to another. In parts like this, I try to arrange the instruments so the part flows through the space, minimizing the amount of jumps from one end of the setup to the other!

This is the 3rd show in a row where I’ve found it useful to have Miller Machines near my timps; there are a lot of quick changes between the two, and I can just play the triangle (and finger cymbal) with timp mallets (also with xylo mallets and hands in this show, occasionally even a triangle beater!)

I also have two cymbals mounted over the timps, a Paiste 18” Signature Full Crash and a Paiste 17” Signature Dark Energy Crash, as cymbal rolls and timp rolls seem to go together, and the same mallets can be used for both. And when I can’t get to my hand-held tambourine, I have mounted tambourines over the timps and near the chimes. Small trays keep needed mallets near the bass drum, gong, chimes and timps.

The bells are mounted over the xylophone, and I play virtually everything on both with the same pair of mallets, innovative OS4 in this case, which also work on the nearby bell tree and Mark Tree. Crotales and a piccolo snare are part of the chime station, and around the low end of the xylo are the bass drum, temple blocks, and a pop gun. At the back of the setup are a pair of piatti and a tam-tam. And did I mention the udders?”

Bill endorses Paiste Cymbals and Innovative Percussion Mallets.

Photo Below: Bill and Rich Rosenzweig (drummer for Cinderella) in the pit.
Cinderella - Broadway - Bill Hayes
March 2013