• Drum Set and Percussion Setups from Musical Theatre and More

Tarzan - Regional - Rob Fedson

Rob Fedson's setup for Tarzan at the Palace Theatre in Georgetown, Texas (Austin area).


  • Gretsch 16"x20" Kick (Vintage ’83) with Evans EMAD Batter and Remo Fiberskyn Powerstroke Resonant
  • Gretsch 2015 Catalina Maple 7"x10", 8"x12", 14"x14" and 16"x16" Toms modified with die cast hoops on top, flanged hoops on bottom, with Remo Clear Pinstripe Batters and Remo Clear Diplomat Resonant heads
  • Ludwig 6.5"x14" Hammered Bronze Supraphonic with Remo Vintage A Batter and Ludwig Weather Master Resonant

  • Yamaha Hardware except tom mounts and multi clamp holding the Miller Machines
  • Carmichael Throne
  • Stick Hammock Stick Tray
  • Manhasset 53D Drummer Music Stands (2)
  • Zildjian A Series 21” Sweet Ride - new
  • Zildjian A Series 16” Medium Thin Crash - new
  • Zildjian A Series 18” Medium Thin Crash – new
  • Zildjian 14” New Beat Hi-Hats – new (Since swapped out for my early 70’s new beats)
  • Sabian 12” HH Splash – early 80’s
  • Paiste 20” 2002 China - 70’s
  • Yamaha DTX-M12 Controller Pad w/KAT Percussion Kick Trigger Pad
  • Yamaha FP65 Pedal Triggers left foot pedals (two)
  • Yamaha 3-Zone Electronic Drum Pad and two Yamaha 1-Zone Electronic Drum Pads for playing gongs, conga, bongo, log drums, African drums, surdo, shekere and tambourine
  • Apple iPad running Yamaha DTX Touch App
  • Android Tablet running Behringer X32 Q Headphone Mix Controller
  • Remo 14" Mondo Djembe
  • Meinl Talking Drum
  • Meinl Rainstick
  • Meinl Russ Miller Artist Series Cowbell mounted on bass drum with DW Claw Hook Accessory Clamp
  • Spectrasound Mark Tree with damper – 70’s
  • Brake Drum (junk yard found and cleaned up)
  • Meinl Studio Shakers
  • Meinl Motion Shaker
  • LP One Shot Shaker
  • LP Finger Shot Shakers (2)
  • Various Gourds and Caxixi
  • Goat Toe Rattles
  • Brass Ankle Bells
  • RhythmTech Studio Shaker
  • RhythmTech Hat Trick
  • Aquarium tubing in sound hole of 14” tom for glissando effects
  • Miller Machines with Zildjian Finger cymbal and Grover Phosphor Bronze Triangle
  • Vic Firth Russ Miller Hi-Def Signature Sticks
  • Vic Firth Steve Jordan Sticks
  • Vic Firth Heritage Brushes
  • Zildjian John Riley Double Stick Mallet
  • RhythmTech Shaker Stick
  • Gibraltar Jingle Stick
  • Silver dollars for cymbal scrapes

February 2016