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Cinderella - Regional - David Glover

David Glover's setup for Cinderella at the North Allegheny Senior High School just North of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

"The Cinderella book has been fun to play. The high school that is staging it is one of the best in the region with enough resources to make it look and sound spectacular. They spend a ton of money on the production, renting the rigging to fly the fairy godmother, renting over 100 costumes, several dozen vocal microphones, full string orchestra, etc. The students do an amazing job. Interestingly, I played to over 7000 people this week at this musical, which is probably more people than I played to in all of 2015!

It's also great to play the book with an alum of Slippery Rock University (where I teach), Tim Nwranski, on percussion. He's doing a great job with a pretty sizable set up.
The drums are a 1960's round badge Gretsch kit that I think suits the musical era better than any of my modern Pearl kits. The snare is a chrome over brass round badge Gretsch, 5"x14". The Aquarian American Vintage heads are the only ones I could find that fit the slightly over-sized shells on the toms and bass drum. I've also found that the Drumtacs are the best external muffling option, I just wish they made a half-size. As you can see, I've cut one of them in half for the snare. They also work very well under cymbals if you need to dry one out.

The only bell tree I have access to is the larger, wood-framed version. I tried to mount it to a boom stand, but it was too heavy and took up too much room. So, it sits on a chair now and is played with some brass Freer triangle beaters.

I'm using Innovative Percussion swizzle sticks for most of the show, some softer suspended cymbal mallets from Vic Firth, and the new Innovative Percussion Chad Wackerman Paintbrushes. They are a drumstick shaft, nylon tip, medium gauge wire brush, with felt wrapped butt ends of the stick for cymbal or tom work.

The pink camo stick bag is my wife's...honest! The Flexatone mount is simply some wire looped around the top of the instrument and suspended from a boom stand. The show requires a very quick change for the one Flexatone fill. With this mounting I can simply reach up/over and play it without having to drop my sticks, pick the instrument up or set it down.

The Miller Machine is working great. I don't know what I would have done without it. I'm sure that whatever I would have come up with wouldn't have sounded as good or been as convenient. It even rolls GREAT!"

Cinderella - Regional - David Glover