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The Producers - International - Lindsay Kaul

Lindsay Kaul’s percussion setup for The Producers at The Players Theater in Port Macquarie in New South Wales, Australia.

“Due to a lack of players in a small theatre community in Regional NSW, Australia, I took up the parts of keyboard, harp, oboe and percussion.”

"The Producers is up there with one of the more demanding shows to play. For this show at the age of 17, I am the Assistant Musical Director, and out did my role as one. Due to a lack of players in a small theatre community in Regional NSW, Australia, I took up the parts of keyboard, harp, oboe and percussion. This was the first show using my own gear (except the timpani) and it was incredibly rewarding to play non stop around the setup each night.

Between the drummer and myself, we took up approx. 4m (13') of a 10m (32') wide platform, which is a feat in itself. The platform is 3m (@10') above the stage, which allowed me to creatively mount the Bass Drum and Slapstick from the roof and position the other instruments to leave a smaller footprint.

I have tried to keep as much of the percussion book live so I still use live xylophone and glockenspiel. The timpani are situated behind me which makes for some interesting pedalling and playing positions - sometimes playing piano at the same time. The auxiliary instruments are on the right hand side of the setup which allows me to pick up something or trigger a triangle whilst keeping the left hand going on the piano. The Miller Machines have out-done themselves this time, especially with how I have been playing the last few shows.

I have incorporated as much electronics as I can to ease the difficulty of covering three whole books. An Apple iPad running the mobile version of QLab triggers some pre-recorded backing tracks for the Audition scenes, and a Roland SPD-SX triggers all of the harp glisses and chords, as well as chimes and vibraphone. The keyboard in front of me is used as a Midi Controller with Apple's MainStage. Many of the complicated xylophone runs which the show is known for among musicians are triggered through Apple's Mainstage, as well as some Timpani hits on the bottom of a piano chord or triangle rolls with string tremolos!

It was a very fun but challenging experience to cover 1/6 of the orchestration. A video showcasing my performance can be found here. It is worth noting I am self-taught on piano and percussion, so technically my technique for both isn’t as perfect as it should be. Videos from the two shows I have been the Musical Director for can also be found on that channel."
  • Korogi 3 Octave 'Pit' Xylo
  • Glockenspiel
  • Pearl Synthetic Woodblocks (2) mounted on a Black Swamp Percussion Multiplate
  • Ratchet
  • Cowbell
  • Claves
  • Alan Abel 4" Triangle (mounted on a Miller Machine)
  • Finger Cymbal (mounted on a Miller Machine)
  • Grover 7" Woodblock
  • Castanets
  • Bell Tree
  • Mark Tree
  • Grover 10" Tambourine
  • Sleighbells
  • Siren Whistle
  • LP Mini Timbales
  • Toca Bongos
  • Ludwig 29" & 26" Timpani
  • Bass Drum 
  • Slapstick
  • Zildjian 17” Dark Crash
  • Apple iPad running QLab
  • Apple Macbook Pro running MainStage
  • Roland SPD SX Sampling Pad

  • Innovative Percussion Chris Lamb CL-X4 Xylophone Mallets
  • Stagg Bass Drum Mallet
  • Mike Balter 4R Oval Light Green Rubber Mallets
  • Grover TMB-C4 Chromatone Timpani Mallets - General
  • Innovative Percussion IP1M Multi Percussion Drum Stick   
  • Dragonfly Percussion Aluminium Triangle Beater
  • Grover Plastic Bell/Xylophone Mallets

Lindsay is a student musician who is primarily an oboist living in Regional New South Wales, Australia. He has performed at the Sydney Opera house annually since 2010 and in numerous ensembles including concert bands, big bands and orchestras. Lindsay has been the Musical Director for Back to the 80's, Anything Goes and Grease, and is set to be the Musical Director for Sweet Charity, Cabaret and Into the Woods over the next 12 months.

Picking up percussion in 2013, his interests spiked when he discovered theatre playing. Since then, he has performed in The Sound of MusicWizard of OzCamp RockHigh School MusicalAnything Goes, The Producers and Joesph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Sydney's Packemin Productions, Musical Directed by Peter Hayward.

May 2016