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Ragtime - International - Craig Given

Craig Given's combined book setup for Ragtime at the National Academy for Singing and Dramatic Art (3rd Year Students Production) in Christchurch, New Zealand.

“I decided to take the two books (drum set and percussion) and combine as much as possible into a single book.”

“This is a fantastic show set in America at the start of the 20th century. It follows the intertwining stories of three families from three very different backgrounds. The story and characters are well supported by the music, with a range of styles throughout, including Ragtime!

The show was produced by the Christchurch NASDA Performing Arts College, which run a three year Bachelor Degree Programme in Musical Theatre. It was performed in a fairly small theatre and as such a reduced orchestra was required. The original Broadway orchestration calls for 26 musicians. We performed this production with only 5! A single reed player (covering many parts), upright bass, two upright pianos, and drums/percussion. The reduced orchestra and arrangements worked really well, driven by the piano parts.

I decided to take the two books (drum set and percussion) and combine as much as possible into a single book. What I ended up with was a drum set centric part with glockenspiel and lots of small percussion instruments (bells, blocks, triangles, whistles, etc) as needed to support the on-stage action and lyrics. Missing instruments were emulated when and where appropriate. For example, some timpani notes were played on toms.

A fun (but fairly dark) show with lots of contrast in the music (stylistically and dynamically) but with very few moments to stop and rest as the show is almost entirely sung thru with frequent time signature and tempo changes.”

Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz Drum Set: 
  • 18" Bass Drum 
  • 14" Floor Tom
  • 12" Rack Tom
  • 14" Snare Drum

  • Zildjian 13" Z Custom hi-hats
  • Ufip 8" Class Series Splash
  • Paiste 14" Signature Series Crash
  • Sabian 18" El Sabor Crash

  • Glockenspiel
  • Cha-Cha Cowbell
  • LP Jam-Block
  • Grover 4" Bronze Series Triangle with The Miller Machine
  • Grover 10" Silver/Bronze Combo Tambourine
  • Old Fire-Alarm Bell (used as a 'Trolley' bell)
  • Ratchet
  • Marktree
  • Temple-Blocks 
  • Police Whistle
  • Siren Whistle
  • Ufip Tam-Tam
  • Zildjian Finger Cymbals (thin)
  • Brake Drum
  • Sand Paper Blocks

August 2016