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Aladdin - Tour - Danny Taylor

Danny Taylor’s drum set setup for the North American tour of Aladdin at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, Washington.

“I took the jingles off of an LP Cyclops Jingle Ring and placed a band of ankle bells on it instead, which I then attached to a DW Lowboy Hi Hat Pedal.”


“When I moved to New York and had to deal with seasons for the first time, I wanted something to play in when I wanted to wear snow boots or sandals to the show. I found the Capezio Jazz Shoes to give the perfect combination of freedom and support. It also proved helpful when I started subbing to have that little bit of consistency when I had to play on other player’s setups.”

“My drum setup is almost identical to John Redsecker’s who originated the book in New York. The only real difference is that I have my finger cymbal machine and my Miller Machine on the left instead of the right. If I can, I like to keep all of my higher pitched, “tingly” sounds together. I think the audio department appreciates it as well. I only have four DW 9000 stands which I then use a series of boom arms, dog bones, and clamps to mount everything I need. I like to keep a small foot print on the floor.

This drum book is pretty straight ahead compared to other shows I’ve played. It mostly feels like playing in a Big Band with a little bit of pop, two beat, and world music. In addition to the regular drum set and toys, I have a doumbek as well as a frame drum. I took the jingles off of an LP Cyclops Jingle Ring and placed a band of ankle bells on it instead, which I then attached to a DW Lowboy Hi Hat Pedal.

The entire pit uses headphones with an Aviom system. I use Sensaphonics In-Ear Monitors. I run my in-ears through a small mixer which also has my BOSS DB-90 Dr Beat metronome running through it. I can turn the metronome on/off with a pedal next to my left heel. I’m the only one that can hear the metronome, which I setup this way for a few reasons. Given that this is a major dance show, I wanted to make sure that we are always hitting the tempos that the choreographer intended the dances to be and it also gives a reference point if anyone ever feels that the tempos are not where they should be. Also, being that we travel with only a few musicians and supplement with local musicians, it helps keep me honest and guide the local players that don’t know the show as well. Of course, if the conductor ever needs to move the orchestra, I can shut it off.

In addition to being the drummer, I have the privilege of conducting the show as the assistant conductor. I think that being a drummer really benefits me as a conductor because of my sense of time. As musicians, one of the best attributes we can have is “big ears”, which is also a necessity on the podium. When I’m conducting, that means there is a sub in the drum chair.

This book is really well written and does not leave a lot of room for creativity, but in the moments that it does, it is always fun to hear what the subs bring to it. You would think that being a drummer/percussionist would make me more sensitive to those instruments, but when I’m conducting there is so much to pay attention to that they really become part of the orchestra. I am equally as aware of them as I am the rest of the musicians. Conducting the show also helps me as a player in that I know exactly what the conductor is trying to accomplish, so I can do what I can in my playing to help achieve that.”

Drum Set: DW Collectors Series with Maple Shells and Remo Heads
  • DW 8"x10" Small Tom with Coated Ambassador
  • DW 8"x12" Small Tom with Coated Ambassador
  • DW 12"x14" Floor Tom with Coated Emperor
  • DW 16"x20" Bass Drum with Coated Powerstroke P3
  • DW 6.5"x14" Top Edge Snare with Coated Ambassador

  • DW 9000 Series Stands
  • DW 9000 Series BD Pedal
  • DW 5000 Hi Hat Pedal
  • DW 5000 Lowboy Hi Hat Pedal
  • Roc-N-Soc Hydraulic Throne
  • Black Swamp Tambourine OneMount

  • Sabian 20” Artisan Medium Ride
  • Sabian 18” HHX Chinese
  • Sabian 18” Artisan Traditional Symphonic Suspended
  • Sabian 16” HHX Evolution Crash
  • Sabian 14” Artisan Hi Hats
  • Sabian 10” HHX Evolution Splash

  • LP Bell Tree
  • LP Mambo Cowbell mounted on Bass Drum
  • LP Blue Jam Block on LP Mount All
  • LP Modified Cyclops Jingle Ring with Ankle Bells attached
  • LP Performance Tray
  • Miller Machine with 6” Abel Triangle
  • Danmar Finger Cymbal Machine
  • Spectrasound Mark Tree w/Damper
  • Remo Riq mounted on stand with Black Swamp Tambourine OneMount
  • Remo Doumbek
  • Remo Frame Drum
  • 18” Wind Gong

  • Vater Fusion Drum Stick
  • Vater Sizzle Fusions
  • Vater Double Marching Quiver

Danny is a proud endorser of LP Percussion, Sabian Cymbals, and Vater Sticks.


Aladdin - Tour - Danny Taylor