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Ain't Misbehavin' - Regional - Scot Sexton

Scot Sexton’s setup for the Seattle Musical Theater's production of Ain’t Misbehavin’ in Seattle, Washington.

"The drums I chose on this production are refurbished vintage Ludwig’s that I put Slingerland Beavertails on."

“Ain’t Misbehavin’ has held a special place in my heart for several years now. As this is my fifth time playing show, I had a pretty solid idea going in what was needed. I was once told that ’As a theatrical drummer it is our job to not only play the book, but by changing cymbals, heads, tuning, and drum shell material; we add more color and texture to the production.’ Every instrument used in this show has a unique voice color within the show itself. As the drummer for this production, I chose to utilize vintage cymbals and old maple shells. I wanted that old 'Big Band sound' so I went with a 24”x14” bass drum with no muffling. All toms, except for the 16”, are open with no muffling as well.

It’s a hobby of mine to buy vintage drums on eBay that might not look the best and give them a new life. The drums I chose on this production are refurbished vintage Ludwig’s that I put Slingerland Beavertails on. The rack tom is a '67 Ludwig, the 14” floor is a '72 Ludwig, the 16” floor is a '62 Gretsch Round Badge, and the 24” bass drum is a 1961 Ludwig.

I chose each of the cymbals for a specific sound as well. I went with fast crashes so that the sound would fade away fairly fast. The band was on stage, so the speed of fade was an important aspect so as to not interfere with the vocals. The venue was an old movie theater from the ‘40s with very little renovations, so the walls are all concrete. In this type of space sound can bounce around for a while after the actual hit, giving the impression to an audience of being louder than I actually am. All of this had to be factored in as I selected what to use."

Ludwig ’67 12”x8” Maple Rack Tom
Ludwig ’72 14”x14” Maple Floor Tom
Gretsch Round Badge ’62 16”x16” Maple Floor Tom
Ludwig ’61 24”x14” Maple Bass Drum

Remo Fiberskyn’s on top and bottom of all toms
Remo Fiberskyn on bass drum batter and Remo Ebony on bass drum resonant side
Remo Suede on snare batter and Remo Ambassador Hazy on snare side

Cymbals (left to right):
Zildjian 13” early 70’s Hi Hats
Zildjian 12” A Custom Splash
Zildjian 20” early 60’s Ride
Sabian 16” AAX XPlosion
Zildjian 14” A Custom Fast Crash

LP Black Beauty Cowbell
LP Blue Jam Block

Regal Tip Combo
Regal Tip Jazz (wood tip)
Regal Tip Aluminum Brushes

Rolls PM50s Personal Monitor Amplifier
Westone UM Pro 30 In-Ear Earphones

March 2018