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Dear Evan Hansen - Tour - Ryan McCausland

Ryan McCausland’s setup for the National Tour of Dear Evan Hansen at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, Washington.

"Being a part of this production has been an absolute dream come true for me."

Updated from the Paramount Theatre, Ryan is now using a 14x6.5 DW Nickel/Brass Snare Drum.

"Jamie Eblen is the original drummer for Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway. I tried to get my setup as close as I could to his. The biggest difference between the tour and Broadway setups is that we added a 16” floor tom for the tour. Jamie is on stage at the Music Box Theatre in New York City and his booth is much smaller so he had only room for one floor tom. He is located in a hidden loft that is directly opposite the onstage band platform.

When the tour was mounted in Denver, Colorado the drums were moved off the stage to play remote. I am now in a larger sound booth that can be moved to any location that’s convenient depending on the venue. I am most often put in the basement as far away from the rest of the company so as not to disturb anyone. Occasionally they’ll set the drums up on the deck.

Being a part of this production has been an absolute dream come true for me. This is certainly one of the most rewarding shows I’ve ever been a part of. My endless thanks to Ben Cohn, Alex Lacamoire, Jamie Eblen, Mike Aarons, and Sean McDaniel for all their help and support!

The kit is a yellow Pearl Reference Pure. I'm using a 20x14 Kick Drum, a 12x8 Rack Tom, 14x14 and 16x16 Floor Toms, and a 14x5 Reference Snare. I have updated my snare since the Paramount Theatre, I am now using a 14x6.5 DW Nickel/Brass Snare Drum.

The drum heads are all from Evans. I’m using an ST Dry Coated on the Snare drum, Clear EC2s on the toms, and an EMAD2 on the Kick.

For the cymbals I've got a pair of 15” Meinl Pure Alloy Hi Hats, a 19” Zildjian A Thin Crash, an 18” Kerope Crash, a 22” K Custom Dark Ride, a 20” A Custom EFX Cymbal, and a 16” Zildjian A Thin Crash.

I'm using Pearl Hardware for the cymbal and hi-hat stands, a DW Machine Direct Drive Kick Drum Pedal, and a DW 9000 Snare Drum stand. I'm also using a Remo Basket Djembe Stand, a Roc-N-Soc Hydraulic Throne and a Meinl Trap Table. The Kick Drum sits on a Dixon Bass Drum Lift.

I've got a backup 14x5 Pearl Aluminum Sensitone Snare Drum and a backup Pearl Eliminator Kick Drum Pedal.

I’m using clear SlapKlatz for the mutes on the snare drum and toms.

For percussion, I'm using a 14” Remo Mondo Earth Djembe, Meinl Artist Series Luis Conte Shaker, RhythmTech Large Studio Shaker, Hat Trick Hi Hat Tambourine, ProMark Rattler, and a ProMark Cymbal Sizzler.

For Sticks, I'm using VicFirth 3As, Firth SwizzleB’s, Firth Heritage Brushes, and ProMark ThunderRods.

The mics we have are two DPA4011 Overheads, two Audix D2s on the Snare (Top and Bottom), an Audix D2 on the rack tom, an Audix D4 on each of the Floor Toms, a Shure SM81 on the hats, and a Shure Beta 91a and Beta 52a on the kick. I have a Shure Sm58 as a talkback mic to communicate with the MD and the rest of the band.

We’re using the A360 model Avioms. For monitors I use UE11s In-Ears from Ultimate Ears.

The entire kit travels in a C&D Road Case that was custom made for the tour."

Dear Evan Hansen - Tour - Ryan McCausland
January 2019