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Urinetown - Regional - Eli Maniscalco

Eli Maniscalco’s setup for Urinetown at the YMCA Boulton Center for the Performing Arts in Bay Shore, New York.

"As a working musician who gigs around town, I favor lightweight hardware that packs up small..."

"The pit was extremely small, so I had to leave out the toms as well as the big instruments, but was able to cover most of the other sounds. Playing this book on a small setup was a fun challenge.

After trying several options for the anvil sound, I chose my LP Salsa Sergio Cowbell and struck it on the edge toward the back. For the tambourine, I covered everything on the mounted LP Cyclops.

The Miller Machine is, of course, essential; you can see it to my right, holding the Alan Abel 4" triangle. I didn't have the Finger Cymbal Machine for this run, so I played that by hand (it's one note in the whole book) and kept it on a "trap towel" on the floor along with my emergency batteries and gaffer's tape.

As a working musician who gigs around town, I favor lightweight hardware that packs up small, and use the same hardware for theater work. The hi hat stand and main cymbal stand are DW Ultralight Flat Base. To the right is a Pearl Convertible Boom Stand; it has a reversible flat/tripod base and was recommended as one of the lightest stands with enough flexibility and stability for musical theater setups."

  • Pearl Sensitone Elite 14x5.5" Aluminum Snare
  • Rogers Script Logo 20x12" Bass Drum, a converted marching drum, w/DW large felt beater

  • Snare: Remo Powerstroke 3 Coated Batter, Diplomat Snare Side w/20 strand wires
  • Bass drum: Remo Powerstroke 3 Clear Batter, Ebony Ambassador Reso with center port and a small pillow touching both heads

  • Sabian 14" AA Regular Hats
  • Istanbul Agop 18" Xist Crash
  • Masterwork 10" Iris Splash
  • Sabian 20" HHX Stage Ride

  • LP Jam Block Blue
  • LP Black Beauty Senior Cowbell
  • Grover Pro Spectrasound Mark Tree
  • Steve Weiss Ratchet
  • LP Salsa Sergio Cowbell (as anvil)
  • LP Cyclops Mounted Tambourine
  • Alan Abel 4" Triangle mounted on Miller Machine
  • Sabian Finger Cymbal

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May 2019