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Guys and Dolls - Regional - Kory Andry

Kory Andry's setup for Guys and Dolls at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

"Using Regal Tip Conga Sticks allows for movement from conga/bongos/djembe to timbales and crash cymbal."

"This production of Guys and Dolls was done with a 10 piece band - two trumpets, one trombone, two reeds, two keyboards, one violin, one bass, and one percussion/drummer.

My set-up is positioned on an elevated platform about 13 feet above the stage behind the backdrop, so real estate is limited. Being able to play the malletKat while keeping time on the drum kit is a must which is why I positioned the Kat within reach right above my 26" timp. For the Kat I used Apple's MainStage software to coordinate the different sound libraries. I am drawing on True Strike Orchestral as well as other sound libraries for very high quality glockenspiel, xylophone, tubular bells, fight bell, jaw harp, as well as others.

In 'Sue Me' I'm using the Vic Firth's SD6 Swizzle B Sticks combined with a wire brush which allows me to cover a wide palette of sounds. I'm able to coordinate quick movement from exposed triangle hits (thanks to The Miller Machine) to snare, hi hat, timpani, gentle suspended cymbal rolls, and the malletKat (for glockenspiel).

In 'Sit Down' having the mounted tambourine close to the hi hat permits my right stick to strike the tambourine on the backbeats to create a nice gospel feel combined with the left hand snare hits.

You can never have enough cymbals! In my set up I am using a pair of 13" Sabian AAX Stage Hats, Sabian AAX 8" Splash, 10" Stagg Splash, Sabian 16" and 17" Evolution Series Crashes, 16" Zildjian Thin Crash, and a 20" K Custom Organic Ride.

For drums I'm using a Yamaha Maple Custom kit although I would prefer to be using a Birch kit because the Maple drums sustain just too long even with dampening.

During 'Havana' the director of this production asking for authentic latin sounds rather than playing latin patterns on drum kit. Using Regal Tip Conga Sticks allows for movement from conga/bongos/djembe to timbales and crash cymbal. During the song I do pick up a pair of rosewood mallets and play a combined mounted clave/cowbell/guiro pattern. Towards the end on the song I move back over to the kit."

Guys And Dolls - Regional - Kory Andry