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The Little Mermaid - Regional - Rex Lycan

Rex Lycan’s percussion setup for The Little Mermaid at the Howard Brubeck Theatre in San Marcos, California.

"There was quite a bit of Latin bongo playing in this show, as well as plenty of orchestral numbers."

“A lot of the show is played on timpani and bells, so those went at the front of the setup. There is also doubled suspended cymbal, mark tree, and bells in both the drum set and percussion books. This is all done on purpose. I used the synthesizer for tubular bells and also for the handclaps in ‘Under the Sea'.

There was quite a bit of Latin bongo playing in this show, as well as plenty of orchestral numbers. There are maybe two or three crotale notes so I did the old trick of playing the bells with finger cymbals. For the ‘Ship's Bell’ I used a large Zildjian Zil-Bel played with a hard xylophone mallet.

Overall, it was a very easy show, except for 'Les Poissons Mayhem'. The song had stick switches and timpani pedaling galore. The Miller Machine really came in handy for that one.

The concert bass drum and gong are fairly isolated so those were in the back of my setup. I would definitely recommend getting a piatti stand for this show. During tech week I had them stacked on a trap table and it made the fast switches almost impossible. Fortunately, one of the reed players had one I could borrow.

It was a very well written percussion book and definitely a fun one to play."

Ross 3.5 Octave Kelon Xylophone
Musser Bells
Ludwig Fiberglass Timpani
Ludwig Concert Bass Drum
Latin Percussion Performer Series Congas
Latin Percussion Bongos
Toca Ratchet
Latin Percussion Cowbell
TreeWorks 6" Triangle with The Miller Machine
Brake Drum
Bell Tree
TreeWorks Chimes
Latin Percussion “Shake-It" Shaker
Latin Percussion Foot Cabasa
Latin Percussion Red and Blue Jam Blocks
RhythmTech DST Tambourine
Latin Percussion Fiberglass Guiro
Custom Shaker (I made this out of a water bottle and rice)

Zildjian 18" A Custom Crash (suspended)
Zildjian Zil-Bel
Zildjian 18" A Crash Ride and 18" ZBT Crash (piatti)
Zildjian Thin Finger Cymbals
Wuhan 26" Tam-Tam

Roland Juno GI Mobile Synthesizer

Drumsticks (generic)
Mike Balter 10B Xylophone Mallets
Bell Mallets (generic)
Vic Firth M183 Yarn Mallets (for suspended cymbal)
Innovative Percussion James Ross IP908 Brass Mallets
Double-Sided Bell Mallets (plastic and rubber) 
Vic Firth American Custom T3 Staccato Timpani Mallets
Janson Percussion Ludwig Payson Model Bass Drum Rollers
Gong Mallet (generic)
Zildjian Travis Barker Double Stick Mallet

Rex Lycan - September 2019