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Avenue Q - Regional - Mike Wecker

Mike Wecker’s setup for Avenue Q at the Paper Wing Theatre in Monterey, California.


“This is my third production of Avenue Q and each time I've approached the setup a little differently. The first time I played a hybrid kit, mixing a set of Tama Stage Stars with a Roland TD-7. The second run, I used the Tama Stage Stars again, but used more hand instruments and two triggers for the sounds I couldn't readily produce. This time, I went all acoustic and was much happier with the results. In such a small venue, mixing electric & acoustic gave up too much control to the sound booth and made dynamics a challenge.

Avenue Q required lots of small cymbals for color and smaller brighter drums to stay with the cartoonish vibe of the show. The most unique item in my setup for this show is my microphone boom stand mounted slide whistle.

Overall I play my Tama Stage Stars for a smaller kit, my early 80's Yamaha’s for a deeper groove, or my Yamaha Stage Customs for louder shows. I mostly play Zildjian with a pair of Hollow Logo New Beats as my go to hi hats. But I also use a mix of Sabian, Istanbul, Paiste and Meinl cymbals

I started drumming for local productions around Monterey in the Summer of 1984, primarily at the New Wharf Theater, but also Monterey Peninsula College, the Outdoor Forest Theater, the Cherry Center for the Performing Arts & Pacific Reparatory Theater. I took a 10 year hiatus from 2001-2011 when I started drumming for the Paper Wing Theatre.

Thanks to the Miller Machine, I didn't need five arms to get through this book.”

January 2016