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Billy Miller - Lyrics and Lyricists

This is from Brush Up Your Shakespeare: The Bard and the Broadway Musical from this season’s Lyrics and Lyricists series at the 92nd Street Y in New York City.

It was a very short rehearsal process so I decided to bind my music so I could easily move the book from stand to stand. This way I knew I’d always have the right page displayed. I did have two charts that I could leave on the vibes stand.

I got the chance to use my nesting kit that I built back in 2002. I used Keller shells and mostly Yamaha Hardware. The small tom fits inside the floor tom and both the floor tom and snare drum fit inside the bass drum. Sizes are 8”x10” Small tom, 11”x13” floor tom, 4”x13” snare drum and 18”x16” bass drum.

The only way I could get the floor tom to fit inside the bass drum was to put it on a snare stand (hardware for legs made it too wide). It was hard finding a stand that would go low enough. I ended up with a vintage Sonor snare stand that I found at Nodar Rode’s Manhattan Drum Shop before he relocated to New Jersey.