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Bob Kogut - Avenue Q

Bob's setup for Avenue Q at the Two Planks Theater Company in Monroe, Connecticut.


"This is the second time I’ve had the opportunity to play Avenue Q. It's a basic set up with every toy you can think of. The Orchestrator was very creative in enhancing the book with a wide variety of sounds that are used only once or twice in the show. It keeps you on your toes.

Without microphones outdoors, there are a few added challenges especially for the toys. Also some of the quick changes of instruments make the Miller Machine a God send. Since I make mallets for a variety of situations (with my company Perc-Works) using a combination stick and mallet made the switching of sticks much easier. I make a variety of mallets for all situations so creating the right sound and combinations of mallets was very helpful.

Figuring out the setup is half the fun! Fun show to play!"

Drums - Premier Projector Series:
  • 22” Bass Drum with Cannon Attack Heads
  • 12”,13” and 16” Toms with Cannon Attack Heads
  • 8"x14" Pearl Free Floater Snare with a Remo Suede Diplomat

  • Zildjian 15" Heavy HiHats
  • Sabian 21” AAX Stage Ride
  • Zildjian 18” Medium Thin Crash
  • Sabian 18” B8 Chinese
  • Zildjian 12” Splash

  • TreeWorks Jazz Wind Chimes - Double Row
  • LP Compact Bongos
  • LP Granite Blocks
  • LP Medium Jam Block
  • LP Piccolo Jam Block
  • LP Rock Ridge Cowbell
  • LP Black Beauty Cowbell
  • LP Mounted Tambourine
  • Alan Abel 6” Triangle on Miller Machine
  • India Finger Cymbal on Miller Machine
  • Trophy Ratchet
  • LP Vibraslap
  • LP 9” Ice Bell
  • Steve Weiss Bell Tree
  • ACME Siren Whistle
  • ACME Slide Whistle
  • Steve Weiss Pop Gun
  • Regal 8A sticks, modified with Mallet end by Perc-Works.
  • 3/8” Duet stick from Perc-Works - (the duet stick is for really soft sections - it's a 3/8" dowel with a felt timpani mallet type head)

Bob is a percussionist and music educator with over thirty-five years of motivating, directing, creating and orchestrating musical experiences with students of all ages to perform, create and appreciate the musical world around them. From young children to adults, it has been his passion and pleasure to encourage thousands of students to find new and creative ways of musical expression. He has had the honor of developing judging systems for the Connecticut All-State adjudication process, the Eastern Marching Band Association and the Musical Arts Conference Association.

Many years of Drum Corps experience have made him aware of the large sums of money that programs need to spend to be competitive, not only in drum corps but marching band and winter percussion programs as well. In his quest to reach more people and more programs, he was asked to run a number of Connecticut All-State workshops on mallet selection to sharing his knowledge of saving money for your programs with a limited budget. After retiring from public school teaching and while still involved in the drum corps, marching band and winter percussion activities, he felt an option was needed for programs similar to the ones he work in that do not have corporate sponsors or have large financial backing from their school districts. Enter the idea for his company, Perc-Works.

Perc-Works also makes custom mallets and/or rewraps competitor’s mallets and makes them usable again for years to come. You are no longer stuck with that box full of unwrapped mallets.

Billy here. I had Bob make a pair of gong rollers for the Broadway production of Side Show that I did. They worked great. And they are cool looking :)


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