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Brad Wetmore - Sweeney Todd

Brad's setup for Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd at the Ohlone College Theatre and Dance Department's SummerFest 2014.

"Ohlone College has a surprisingly good music and drama department for a Community College, so we had access to some really nice-sounding percussion gear. (Sadly, I don't have the specifics.) This was a nighttime outdoor show, so keeping the timps in tune from beginning to end took some doing.

The percussion book was written for two players, but sadly only room for one percussionist in the pit (and budget - they could have cut one of the three trombones, In My Not So Humble Opinion. :) ) This made for some interesting part choices. I was able to cover most things, but all four limbs definitely got a workout including my Miller Machines. (Shameless plug:  couldn't have done the show without it, especially on My Friends which has a running 1/8 note vibe and triangle part - see excerpt below)

Note that the triangle and tambourine were mounted on the same LP Everything Rack. The vibrations from the triangle hit did buzz the tambourine a bit, but the Vocal Director loved it and asked that we keep it. It gave the triangle notes a bit of a sizzle which was good for My Friends.

All of the mallet parts (xylo/bells/chimes/vibes/crotales) were covered on an Alternate Mode MalletKAT Express (2 octave) with 2 1-octave expanders, a GigKAT as the sound source, and a beefy Behringer K3000FX amp. The MalletKAT has 3 different base form-factors (2/3/4 octaves), I'm very glad I went with the Express as I've been in very tight pits where the three octave Pro would simply not fit."

Excerpt from My Friends with running 1/8 note vibe and triangle part.