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Brian Boyce - Broadway Under The Stars

Brian’s setup for the Transcendence Theatre Company’s Broadway Under the Stars 2013 Season at Jack London State Park in Glen Ellen, California.

“The season consisted of four review shows that each ran one or two weekends. The shows were musically diverse: we might be playing a Tin Pan Alley tune one minute, then a 1980’s power ballad the next. I had to use drums that sounded good with a lot of different styles and were easy to cart, set up, and tear down. I went with my trusty Taye TourPro kit (12”/14”/20” with a Tama StarClassic Birch SD) augmented by a few basics: a 6” Sabian Hand-Hammered Bronze Triangle (mounted on a Miller Machine, of course), an LP Black Beauty Cowbell, a woodblock (unmarked—I got it at Pro Drum around 15 years ago), a Mark tree (‘80s Spectrasound), and an LP Cyclops Dimpled Brass Tambourine. My cymbals: a Zildjian A 20” Medium Ride and 14” New Beat Hi-Hats from the ’80’s, 16” and 18” K Custom Session Crashes, and an 8” K Custom Dark Splash.

The performance space was outside at the Jack London estate in the ruins of the old winery. Being outside had its challenges. The band had to set up and tear down every night. It was dusty. It could get pretty hot during the day and cold at night—not New York winter cold, but cold enough for water condensation to form on the keyboards and drum heads (were it not for the propane heaters near the band platform). The wind got a little nasty too sometimes, but I was prepared with minimal page turns and an ample supply of binder clips.

The benefits of being outside definitely outweighed the drawbacks. Everyone—Broadway performers, band, and audience—shared the same space under the stars, which, as a drummer/percussionist, was a welcome change from being stuffed under a stage or in a soundproof box. Transcendence Theatre Company appreciates the ability of music, theater, and dance to bring people together and change things for the better. 11,000+ people attended TTC’s concerts this past summer, and TTC was able to raise $72, 000 for the Jack London State Park over the last two years. It was great to be a part of that (even if I had to schlep my instruments every night).”