• Drum Set and Percussion Setups from Musical Theatre and More

Dan Haskins - Broadway 4D

Dan’s setup from the recording session for the film Broadway 4D at Avatar Studios in New York City.


“This is a film with music from many different Broadway shows. Singers for this project included Christina Aguilera, Hugh Jackman and Ben Vereen.

This was a percussion overdub session. I played all the timpani and percussion parts scored for 2 or 3 players.

• 3 Timpani
• Vibraphone
• Xylophone
• 2 Glockenspiels
• Crotales
• Congas
• Bongos
• Snare Drum
• Tambourines
• Finger Cymbals
• Clave
• Cabasa
• Cowbell
• Chimes
• Mark Tree
• Suspended Cymbals
• Crash Cymbals
• Metal Washtub 
• Triangles and the Miller Machine

Usually for things like this the percussion is delivered and setup before the orchestra arrives. On this project the orchestra recorded all day in the studio and my overdubs were that night. I had received a list of instruments from the contractor and copyist. I did receive a copy of the score by e-mail the day before to confirm the instrument list and plan a setup. Parts were not printed until the day of the recording. 

For this overdub session I was set up in the main large room with all my gear and a large screen TV. I watched a video of the conductor, Simon Lee, conducting the tracks from the full orchestra sessions earlier that day. I was hearing the arrangements for the first time as I was recording. The conductor, producer, engineer and staff had been there all day so by the time they got to me everyone want to just ‘get it done’ fast. Each part for each song was recorded in one pass and only going back to drop in a few notes I deliberately left off if I felt a ‘clam’ coming on. The Miller Machine really helped ease one element of ‘pick up put down’ to knock this one out quick and clean.”