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Dave Holland - Solo Percussion Setup

Here’s a great solo percussion setup from Dave.

“I’m occasionally asked to perform as a solo percussionist for museums, festivals & private parties. The music is ‘World Groove’, using a looper and supplementing the live percussion with a Handsonic for bass lines and other tonal options. It's important to have a set-up that's visually interesting, sonically serves the music, and puts dozens of unique sounds at my finger tips. The Miller Machine does all of that - and provides the perfect ‘icing on the cake’ in all of these solo gig set-ups!"

My rig is typically rich with frame drums (riq, pandeiro, bodhran, ocean drum, etc. ) and small percussion (caxixi, chimes, rattles, sfx, etc.) Other 'key' instruments often depend on the nature of the gig but if I had to list a 'top 5 Dave Plays' list it would probably be darabuka, talking drum, wooden bongo, cajon & djembe. On solo gigs I also 'inject' my rig with melodic world axes such as Garrahand, kalimba, MalletKat, Handsonic or gyil.

The black/natural drum in front of me is a Schlagwerk Crash Box. It's sorta like a bongo on steroids! The metal, tonal (hang like) instruments to my right are Garrahand, a metal tongue drum from Argentina.”

Check out Dave’s new site.

Dave is the founder of Interactive Rhythm and Beatin’ Path Rhythm Events.