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David Vincola - West Side Story

David’s setup for the National Tour of West Side Story.

“The original orchestration of West Side Story calls for 31 players with enough notes in some numbers to have up to four or five percussionists with their hands full. I spent weeks going over the score and making diagrams trying to design a setup that would allow me to cover as many of those parts as I possibly could that would also fit into pits varying in size and minimize truck real estate.

I went through each number to figure out how I could execute certain moves such as picking up a pair of mallets in one hand to catch a cymbal roll while playing xylo or reaching my foot over while playing xylo to tune up a note on the timp to catch the next entrance.

When condensing this extensive percussion score down to one player I made the choice to cover as many notes and instruments as humanly possible. As a result, after more than three hundred performances and more than one hundred different cities I continue to be challenged, stimulated, and inspired to make the next show better than the last.”

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