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Don Sanderson & Matt Ohrberg - Big Fish

Don’s setup for Big Fish at the St Luke's United Methodist Church in Orlando, Florida.


“The show was directed by Steve Mackinnon, music directed by David Patrick and the technical director was Vince Lepore. A cast of 120 volunteers and 30 professional entertainers volunteered their summer to present this massive production of Big Fish. Many performers are church members at St. Luke’s and some are full time entertainers at Walt Disney World and very active in the Orlando theater scene. A 12 piece orchestra was contracted that included Keyboard 1, Keyboard 2, Bass, Guitar 1 (Electric Guitar and Banjo), Guitar 2 (Electric and Acoustic Guitars), 2 Reed players covering Flute, Oboe, Piccolo, English Horn, Saxophones and Clarinet, Trumpet, Violin, Viola, Drumset and Percussion. The musicians were seasoned professionals from Walt Disney World, the Orlando Philharmonic, and Brevard Symphony Orchestras.

There were four orchestra rehearsals prior to the opening. The theater seated approximately 600 people and was sold out almost every night.

Highlights for me were playing a diverse book through a variety of styles while supporting very talented vocalists. As far as Orlando's theater scene goes, this was pretty epic, and Orlando's finest performers were involved. The story itself is beautiful, poignant, and touches people in a way we can all relate to: relationships. For me the book was a pretty straightforward read. I love the music of Andrew Lippa. It was a privilege to be a part of this amazing show. I am very pleased to have been inspired by the terrific playing in the Broadway production of Perry Cavari on drums and Billy Miller on percussion. Another highlight was watching 16 year old Matt Ohrberg on percussion hanging right in there with Orlando's finest. (See below for Matt’s setup shot.)

My favorite tunes are ‘Time Stops’, ‘Red White and True’, and ‘How It Ends’.”

Drummer Don Sanderson has performed as a full and part time musician at Walt Disney World since 1982. He plays in a variety of local groups including Jazz and Big Bands, has performed over 100 theater shows, and plays often in his church worship band. Percussionist, Matt Ohrberg, is an accomplished and versatile 10th grade musician from Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando.