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Evita - Tour - Adam Wolfe

Adam Wolfe's drum set setup for the National Tour of Evita.

“I am using all DW Drums, 8”x10”, 9”x12”, 14”x16” (toms) and an 18”x22” (bass drum) all with Collector’s Series Standard Maple Shells, and a 5.5”x14” Collector’s Series Thin Aluminum Snare Drum. This snare drum is DW’s modernized, heftier version of the well-known ‘Acrolite’ snare drum and, to me, is a nice update for a show that was originally written in the 1970’s. I am also using a variety of DW 9000 Series cymbal stands, DW Dogbones, and DW 5000 Series Pedals.
I have Remo Vintage A’s over Clear Ambassadors on all the toms, a Coated Ambassador on the snare, and a Clear Powerstroke 3 on the kick batter. On the resonant side of the kick, I have a Smooth White Powerstroke 3 with a large 10”-12” hole cut in the center.

I am using Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals, mostly their highly versatile “Session Series”. Specifically I have: 14” Session Series Hats, 17” & 18” Session Series Crashes, 20” Session Series Ride, 18” Traditional Series China, 8” Traditional Series Splash, and a 14” Radiant Series Sweet Hats as an X-Hat on the right side of the kit. I use the X-Hat to add a little variety in color to a couple of the numbers which have lengthy sections of music calling for hi-hat.
For percussion, I have a 4” Alan Abel triangle mounted on the Miller Machine. In this show, I don’t really need the Machine for logistical reasons as the triangle notes are easily accessible by hand. I keep the triangle on the Machine because of the consistently clear and focused sound that the machine provides with its beater mounted perpendicular to the triangle. I also have LP High and Medium pitched Jam Blocks, LP Professional Maracas, and a pair of Toca machine Castanets.

I’m using Vic Firth 55AW’s, Rute 606’s, 5AN’s for delicate cymbal passages, 5ADT’s when I need a swizzle, and a pair of Mike Balter R41 Arthur Lipner mallets for cymbal rolls.

Also visible in the picture is a Roland TD-30 module as well as a Roland RT-10S and RT-10K triggers. Mostly, the triggers are used in the act one closer, ‘A New Argentina’, to add a gated reverb effect to the kick and snare. They also do a little bit of ‘drum replacement’ in some of the more quiet moments in the score.

Next to the TD-30 is my rack mounted Aviom. This is essentially the same thing as the smaller, stand mounted units except that this one has a ‘mix in’ input. My sound department sends me my very own stereo mix of the kit through this input. Since the stereo mix of the kit is separate from what everyone else with Avioms hears (as well as separate from the house mix) I can have them customize the mix for me. Currently, I have them sending me only the two overhead mics and the kick mic, kind of mimicking a ‘vintage’ microphone setup. This setup gives me a really nice sense of space, even though I’m locked away inside the isolation booth for the show.

Thanks for checking out the setup and feel free to contact me if I’m in your town!  Dates for the Evita National Tour can be found here.”

Adam is a proud endorser of Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals and can be reached on Twitter at @adamcwolfe and on his Facebook page.