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James Pingenot - Iron Curtain

James’ setup for Prospect Theater's Off Broadway run of Iron Curtain in the Fall of 2011. Music by Stephen Weiner.

“The show is a farce about Soviet propaganda through the arts in the 1950's, with some Faust thrown in for good measure. I played part of the Seattle run the year before, and they asked me to play this one as well. The music is mostly 1950's Broadway style.

The orchestrator (Remy Kurs) told me ‘I write what I want to hear, and let the percussionist figure out how to make it happen’, which makes the show fun and challenging. The Miller Machine was vital. He was also very specific about cymbals, so I kept a variety on hand. The drums are Whitney Nesting Penguins. I got them when I moved to New York to facilitate load-in via taxi. As far as I know they are still the only 5-piece nesting kit made. The keyboard covers the vibraphone part. The timpani parts were especially fun, with lots of quick tuning changes and effective use in the orchestration for the show.”