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Jamie Drake - John And Jen

This is Jamie’s setup from a production of Andrew Lippa's John and Jen at the Penn State School of Theatre in University Park, Pennsylvania.

“The book is challenging in a strange way - none of the parts or licks are particularly hard but there are some awkward and/or quick transitions between instruments that make it feel harder than it sometimes sounds! For me, the biggest challenge was the movement between the vibraphone and the drum kit. There were often times when the feet needed to switch almost immediately between playing the kit pedals and holding down a vibraphone pedal. Sitting down to play vibraphone didn't seem very practical (or comfortable) so I decided to play much of the kit book standing up. I used a concert-height snare stand and a cable hi-hat to help get everything in a comfortable position, as well as a timpani-height stool (not pictured) which allowed me to sit as necessary but still make quick changes to either side. There was no room for timpani in the setup (the space all around me in the photo was used as various crossover space by the actors) so that got moved onto a small midi controller and MainStage which was running on a Mac. And, of course the Miller Machine made the frequent changes between sticks, mallets and brushes that much easier - one less beater to worry about!"

Check out Jamie’s website and his great new solo album, Night.