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Jason Degenhardt - Mary Poppins

Here is Jason’s setup from the Topeka Civic Theatre’s production of Mary Poppins.

“My Mary Poppins set up is a combination of the Percussion 2 drumset book, and as much of the mallets and toys I can sneak in from the Percussion 1 book. I took some cues from the original Broadway set-up by placing the triangles and blocks centered above the snare and moving the cymbals and toms off to the right of the kit. You'll notice my $1.00 pan to the left of the hi-hat. This is notated as 'Toy Drum' in the score, and this is my take on the metallic sound sought after by the composer. Thanks to Daniel Haskins (original percussionist with the Broadway production) for some insight here!”

Here is a video of Jason playing his $1.00 ‘Toy Drum’.

Jason is a freelance drummer/percussionist in the Topeka, Kansas area where he also assists Derek Sharp in the building of TreeHouse Drums. He also has his own teaching practice called Studio 17 Percussion and is an Adjunct Music Professor at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas.