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Jay Mack - Nobody Loves You

Jay Mack’s setup for Nobody Loves You which ran at the Second Stage Theatre in New York City.

“My setup is pretty simple. I get to play a wonderful DW kit that fans of Tommy Igoe's Groove Essentials 1 DVD might recognize. The left hand snare is a DW 12” Popcorn Maple drum. The second bass drum pedal is the kick trigger for the electronics setup. And the cymbals are a pair of 14” Paiste Dark Energy Hats, 16” and 17” Paiste Dark Energy Crashes and a Zildjian K Custom 20” Dark Ride.

Time is of the essence (isn't that our jobs), so the Miller Machine is absolutely required for this show due to some instant switches. I had the copyist add "On Miller Machine" to the updated copies of the score!”