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Jon Ball - Really Rosie & The World Goes 'Round

Jon’s setup for Really Rosie and The World Goes ‘Round at the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

“This set-up is doing double duty for morning shows of Really Rosie, and a regular schedule of shows for The World Goes 'Round. I had planned to use a smaller kit (4 piece with an 18" bass drum) for The World Goes ‘Round, but the Musical Director for Really Rosie wanted a 5 piece kit for a few specific tom fills. We had no room for timps as space was at a premium. We were in the stage right wings and there was an active cross-over and quick change area behind me and a stage entrance to my left. I probably would have put the bells on my left hand side had there been enough room.

We were able to cover pretty much everything else in the part except the sleigh bells. The creative team didn't like the sleigh bells in Money from The World Goes ‘Round, so we substituted other sounds. I had a standard (probably Steve Weiss model) sleigh bell. It projected, but I think it was lower in pitch and too jingly for the choreographer's liking, so she asked the Musical Director to have me try something different in those two spots. While I couldn't see the stage, my understanding was that they wanted a sound with more attack to go with the choreography. One sleigh bell cue went to a woodblock, and the other went to a small cowbell.

For the Hotel Bell cues in Coffee in a Cardboard Cup and Money, I bought and disassembled a $6 reception desk bell from Staples. I used the mounting arm from my Miller Finger Cymbal Machine, and ran it from a clamp between the rack toms. I used a brass bell mallet which produced more sound than just using it as is with the little finger plunger mechanism.”