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Life Could Be A Dream - Off Broadway - Adam Wolfe

Adam’s setup for Roger Bean's Life Could Be a Dream at the New York Musical Theater Festival (NYMF) 2013 in New York City.

“I somehow managed to get all of my favorite gear on this NYMF show.

This was a very fun little show to play as it is a juke box musical of 50's & 60's Doo Wop songs. The company rented a really nice set of DW Collector's Series Drums from Carroll's Music, which I was more than happy to play. I'm also using my own Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals. I have a 21" 61st Anniversary Classic Ride, 15" Nostalgia Hats and a 16" Traditional Paper Thin Crash. These are my super low volume, ‘small room’ cymbals.

I also used a pair of my favorite Vic Firth sticks SD’4s (my lightest sticks), a pair of Vic Firth Heritage Brushes and a pair of rattan handle Ron Vaughn high density mallets. In addition I incorporated some LP percussion, TreeWorks Chimes and, of course, the ever present Miller Machine holding a 4" Alan Abel triangle. This show had 3 whole triangle notes--three times as many as my last show!”

Adam can reached on Twitter at @adamcwolfe and on his Facebook page. Adam is currently playing for the National Tour of the recent Broadway revival of Evita.

Adam is a proud endorser of Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals.