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Lindsay Kaul - Anything Goes

Lindsay's setup for an amateur community production of Anything Goes in New South Wales, Australia.


"As a 17 year old, I have undertaken a large role as the Musical Director, working with the cast for months and the orchestra for a few weeks. Due to space limitations, I made myself the percussion player and conducted the show from the setup every night. As you can see in the photos, the orchestra is located 3 metres in the air on a 2m x 10m platform - just enough space to fit all 14 players comfortably, though it is incredibly hot. Conducting the show is a huge undertaking for a normal adult, so for someone like me to play and conduct is quite an effort. Most of the time, I end up conducting with whatever mallet I am holding at the time! I have highlighted all of the percussion parts on the conductors score and have memorized them so I know what I'm playing whenever there is a highlight. It sound's difficult in theory but is easy in practice.

To the right of the setup are the reeds, violin and brass - and to the left is reed 4 and rhythm. Their music stands indicate how much of a tight setup it really is. I cut the Trumpet 3 and Trombone 3, so we have a 14 piece orchestra. Due to the reed books orchestration, I rewrote them into Flute/Piccolo, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax/Clarinet and Bari Sax/Tenor Sax/Alto Sax. All the Reed books are played by teenagers - the only adults in the 'pit' are the Trombones, Trumpet 2, Piano and Drums! This video is our first rehearsal in the space, missing a reed player and piano and after only 2 weeks of separate rehearsal (the sound has improved since).

Due to the limited amount of space, and the amount of money I had, the vibraphone chords and marimba rolls are sampled on the Roland SPD-SX. The pad is also used for the start of the overture (Cole Porter singing 'Anything Goes' with the orchestra blending in eventually), Ships Bell, Piatti and Siren Whistle. The TV to the left of the setup is my view of the stage, and the camera directly above feeds to the cast. I'm using a Korogi 3 Octave 'Pit' Xylo and some form of Glockenspiel - whatever this poor high school student can afford! To the right of the setup are the 'toys'. The Miller Machines play a fantastic part in any sort of playing, but in particular for this Conductor/Percussion style where all hands are busy doing something. An 11" Splash is used as the Suspended, the same way the cheapy Snare Drum is used as a Field Drum. Pearl's PPS82 18" Percussion Rack mounts everything effectively and safely."

  • Finger Cymbal on Miller Machine
  • 4" Alan Abel Triangle on Miller Machine
  • LP Cowbell
  • LP Maraca (singular - for one handed use)
  • Cabasa 
  • Castanets
  • Temple Block
  • Grover 7" Woodblock
  • Grover 10" Tambourine
  • Ratchet
  • Toca Bongos
  • 11" Splash
  • 18" Wind Gong
  • Dixon Snare Drum

Assorted Mallets: (I didn't use too many to help keep the space clear)
  • Grover Plastic Bell/Xylo
  • Mike Balter Rubber Bell/Xylo
  • Vic Firth SD1 General Drum Sticks
  • Grover General Timpani Mallets (works great on the Splash)
  • Stagg Gong Mallet
  • And of course, my Baton

Lindsay is a student musician who is primarily an oboist living in Regional New South Wales, Australia. He has performed at the Sydney Opera house annually since 2010 and in numerous ensembles including concert bands, big bands and orchestras. Lindsay was the Musical Director of his school's production of Back to the 80's, and has most recently been asked to music direct Grease and Sweet Charity in 2016.

Picking up percussion in 2013, his interests spiked when he discovered theatre playing. Since then, he has performed in The Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz, Camp Rock, High School Musical, Anything Goes and Joesph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat with Sydney's Packemin Productions, Musical Directed by Peter Hayward.

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