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Mary Poppins - Regional - Joe Beam

Joe Beam's drum-set setup for Mary Poppins at Theatre Under the Stars in Houston, Texas.

"I'm fortunate enough to be able to do this score with a full instrumentation. Both the Percussion 1 and the Percussion 2 parts are being played. This setup is for the Percussion 2 book.

I have found that there are some inconsistencies in terminology in the book, i.e., Clash Cymbal vs. Piatti and Wind Chimes vs. Mark Tree. Both are used interchangeably throughout. In fact, here is the complete Percussion 2 instrument list as shown in the book.

Drum Kit (Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Ride Cymbal, Splash Cymbal, Crash Cymbal, Hi Hat, Toms), Suspended Cymbals, Gong, Crotales , Whip, Small Triangle, Medium Triangle, Large Triangle, Woodblocks, Cowbell, Temple Blocks, Toy Drum, Cricket, Finger Cymbal, Mark Tree, Cuica, Ratchet, Bell Tree, Ship's Bell, Spoons, Rods (on Hi Hat), Wind Chimes, Small Gong, Piccolo Woodblock, Tambourine, 18" Cymbal, Piatti, Wind Machine, Bongos, Metal Rattle, Guiro and Clash Cymbals.

Of the instruments listed above, the following are only used once: Guiro, Metal Rattle, Small Gong, Spoons, Ship's Bell, Bell Tree, Cuica and Gong.

Crotales used are C, F#, G#, A#, and C - all upper octave notes.

Overall, the book is pretty straight forward with only a few tricky implement changes and spots."

The equipment I am using is as follows.

Drumset - Yamaha Tour Custom:
  • 14" Snare with modified wood rims
  • 12" Rack Tom
  • 16" Floor Tom
  • 22" Bass Drum

Cymbals (from left to right):
  • Sabian 14" Paragon Hi Hats
  • Sabian 10" AAX Spash
  • Sabian 14" HHX X-Plosion Crash
  • Sabian 20" Artisan Ride
  • Sabian 16" Paragon Crash
  • Sabian 20" HHX Suspended Cymbal
  • 16" Small Gong
  • Sabian 18" HH Germanic Concert Cymbals

Accessories (from left to right):
  • Steve Weiss Slapstick
  • Metal Rattle - homemade from aluminum travel coffee mug, filled with metal objects
  • LP Guiro
  • LP Galaxy Giovanni Series Bongos
  • TreeWorks Single Row Mark Tree
  • Ratchet
  • Grover 10" Beryllium Copper Tambourine
  • LP Raw Potz 8"
  • Triangles 4", 6", and 10"
  • Zildjian Finger Cymbal
  • LP Jam Block - Red
  • LP Piccolo Block - Orange
  • LP Granite Blocks
  • (Wish all the blocks were wood)
  • LP Cowbell
  • Meinl Cricket
  • Meinl Cuica
  • Steve Weiss Ship's Bell
  • Steve Weiss Bell Tree
  • Wind Machine

Hardware and Mounts:
  • The Miller Machine
  • Black Swamp Muiti ArcPlate, RecPlate, and TriPlate
  • LP Claw Mounts
  • Gibralter SC-LRAC L-Rod Clamp (found on Amazon)

Sticks and Mallets:
  • Innovative IP-5AT Combo Stick with Medium Hard Timpani Mallet
  • Innovative IP-BZB-1 "Bundlz - Lite" Bamboo
  • Innovative IP-CG-2 Gong Mallet - Small
  • Innovative IP-907 Small Brass Glockenspiel Mallets

Joe is a proud endorser of Sabian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, and Innovative Percussion.

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