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Matt Windon - Young Frankenstein

Matt's setup for Young Frankenstein at the Younts Center for Performing Arts in Fountain Inn, South Carolina.  


"I was using my Pearl Masters MCX on the gig. 20" Bass Drum, 12" and 14" Toms and an Aspen Drum Company Snare. I have three Snares that are my 'go to' drums for shows: the 60's Supraphonic, an Odery 13"x6" that just has the perfect crack for a rock show and the Aspen. This one packs so much color, tone and projection into one drum. It was fantastic to capture the Big Band style and grab the Folk style music at the kit.

The cymbals on this gig were my Paiste Dark Energy Series. I had my 14" Hats, 8" Splash, 16" and 15" Crashes and a 21" Ride. These are some of my favorite cymbals on the market. They blend with a beautiful tone and sustain and the crashes respond quick, double as a suspended and can handle some heavy hits for their size. They sound great under a mic and amazingly live with a full orchestra. I've rarely used the 17" or 18".

I was using Vater 8A's, Brushes and Swizzle Sticks, Aquarian Modern Vintage Heads on the Toms, Aquarian TC1 on the Snare and an Aquarian Deep Vintage II on the Bass Drum.

In between my Hi-Hats and Tom were my LP Stealth Jam Block, a higher pitched LP Anniversary Block and an LP Cowbell. It's a blessing and a curse to have them in all black. I also mounted a Pearl Tambourine on the boom stand that housed the gems of my setup, the Miller Machines.

I borrowed your suggestion on the Favorite Mounts from your Setup Shots website and used the Pearl ADP30 mount to get the triangle and finger cymbal machines on one mount. This was a great combo and eliminated some stick changes, while producing excellent tones!

The snare drum above is one of my favorites. I have a bit of a snare drum... Hobby. That's a safe word to keep me out of an asylum and prevent my wife from trying to convince me to sell some and not replace each one with two new ones.

It was a PASIC purchase from my college years. I was drawn towards the drum by one that Andy Reamer used with the Pittsburgh Symphony. Around the time of purchase, the hot items were the Pearl Philharmonic drums and Black Swamp Drums with one strainer and trio units. I loved the idea of being able to use three different strainers to change my sound at the drum. It was a secondary concert drum for me when I originally made the purchase. The construction is fairly simple. It's a ten ply, maple shell with die cast hoops and three Dunnett strainers. The snare combo is composed of the Patterson Blues, wire and Pure Sound Snappy. As my collection of drums expanded and my pit space became more limited, this drum found a few adjustments to the tuning and tension on the snares and worked its way into more pits. It still sounds beautiful with an orchestra, but it just fills that void for us drummers who want the sounds of multiple drums and are limited on space. I am always looking for new ways to achieve the most authentic sounds possible and this was one of my more successful attempts.

On two side notes, I think the ideal snare drum would be the former GMS Concert Model with a different snare combo, snappy and something darker. I believe Steve Gadd had a two strainer drum a while back as well. Those could be modified to be excellent for those of us who aren't in the studio and attempting to have that orchestral sound and the drum set sound out of one snare."

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