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Mio - Die Fledermaus

This is Mio's setup for Die Fledermaus at the Okegawa Citizen Concert Hall in Saitama, Japan.

“In the original score there are 5 percussion players including a timpanist. I had to reduce the part from 5 players down to 2 (a timpani player and myself) plus 2 Keyboards who covered the remaining parts as originally written. I came up with various ideas to make playing all the parts as close to the original as possible. For example, for the Bass Drum and hand cymbals part I used a WFL 26" old bass drum played with a BD beater wrapped in soft wool, and mounted an 18" heavy cymbal on bottom and 16" heavy cymbal on top of a hi-hat which worked great. The Miller Machine was very useful and changed my life, I’ve never played anything else without it. If you’re going to play that typical classic repertoire with one player, don’t forget to use this.

Here's a list of the instruments I used. Bottom to top.
Yamaha “E” chime note
Pearl hi-hat stand with a Zildjian 16” on top and a Zildjian 18” on bottom
Ludwig 5” triangle on music stand
Sonor headless tambourine
Ludwig 5”x14" Supraphonic snare drum with an Aquarian American Vintage head
WFL 26" Bass Drum with a Remo FiberSkyn head
Alan Abel triangle on the Miller Machine
Sabian 18" AA Crash Cymbal
Ludwig single row tambourine with old snare drum mute mounted inside
Deagan Glockenspiel
Hanging off the stand (top right) is a Chimta

I’m using Vic Firth SD4 Combo sticks, Malletech Bob Becker Model BB34 mallets, a pair of old Deagan no. 2040 Red Head mallets, and a chime hammer I made from a hammer bought at a hardware store to which I applied thin felt on one side and masking tape on the other. Very grateful to be included here.”

Feel free to contact Mio here or on FaceBook.

Mio is a multi-percussionist based in Tokyo, Japan. She regularly performs in the theater and also writes percussion parts for small ensembles. She also composes for percussion ensembles and marimba ensembles.