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La Boheme - International - Mio Chang

Mio Chang's setup for La Boheme at the Hamming Theater in Tokyo, Japan.


"Some tips to play La Boheme with a reduced one player part.

Act 2 - marching snare drum - Ludwig 6.5"x14" for main, Yamaha 10" for orchestra in pit and the Sonor 5.5" for additional parts from the end of the scene (no Banda this time). Except for the Yamaha 10" the other two snares had loosened top heads. Bass drum and hi-hat cymbals with attachment were used instead of piatti. I played both pedals with the right foot and used my hands for the bells, xylophone, snare and triangle. The reason I used two bass drums is that I think the bass drum in this opera is very noticeable. 36" is tuned as deep as It can go and the 26" is like a marching bass drum.

Act 3 - the recorded chime part is triggered on the sequencer while playing a one handed roll on the timpani. The sound comes from the back side of the stage. The wine glass is original in Act 3. I was holding the bottom of the glass between my thumb and index finger while the middle finger played the triangle (see photo). Actually these two wine glasses were completely in the same key.

Bass drum mallets - it called for wooden and leather mallets (which I made myself) and a couple mallets from Tom Gauger (one with a bigger head and a staccato one). Timpani mallets - I made my own timpani mallets and a friend of mine made me some using flannel. I used Malletech mallets for the xylophone and bells and a pair of old Musser vibe mallets for the cymbals.

Parts went from impossible to possible with my Miller Machine. I couldn't have imagined my musical life without it.

All of the percussion and timpani books were from Touchdown Productions."

  • Premier 30" and 22.5" Timpani
  • Ludwig 36" Bass Drum w/Yamaha Bass Drum Pedal and Danmar Bass Drum Spurs
  • WFL 26" Bass Drum (1940's - original spurs) with Speed King Pedal
  • Ludwig 6.5" x 14" Supraphonic Snare Drum
  • Sonor 5.5" x 14" Snare Drum
  • Yamaha 10" x 4 3/4" Piccolo Snare Drum
  • Yamaha QY300 Sequencer
  • KOROGI (KORI) Laptop Xylophone
  • Deagan Bells
  • Sabian 18" AA Crash Cymbal
  • Sabian 18" AA Orchestral Suspended Cymbal
  • Zildjian 18" Crash Cymbals
  • Zildjian 16" and 18" Hi-Hats mounted on a Pearl Hi-Hat Stand attached to Bass Drum with a Tama Hi-Hat Attachment Clamp
  • Pearl Mallet Tray
  • Miller Machines with an Alan Abel 6" Triangle and a Ludwig 8" Triangle
  • 2 Wine Glasses

Plastic bag between timpani and snare drum is a stick tray used as a quick change! (It works! Try it!)

La Boheme - International - Mio Chang
July 2015