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Motown The Musical - Broadway - Roger Squitero

Roger Squitero's hand drum setup for the Broadway production of Motown The Musical.


“I lost my studio in Hurricane Sandy. It was located in the Westbeth building just a block east of the Hudson River in Manhattan. It flooded from floor to ceiling. I pretty much lost a career’s worth of instruments and memorabilia but I was able to salvage some of my stuff.

About a month after Motown opened I realized we were going to be here for a while and decided to decorate my percussion cubicle. I had some old photos and touring laminates that I recovered after the storm so I decided to take them out of a box and put them up. It gives me a sense of where I have been and reminds me of many great friendships I have made in my career. There are a couple photos of Buddy Williams and I that go back 35 years.

I love playing this show because the music is timeless. I grew up listening to these songs and am still amazed by how well they hold up. This was a period of song writing that produced an unbelievable amount of classic hits. Within the first week of rehearsals I realized we had a pretty special band. I had previously worked with Gary Seligson on the Broadway Musical Tarzan (he was the kit player) and so I knew that Buddy, Gary and I would work well together and I knew a few of the other orchestra players but I was really pleased to find out that the entire orchestra were great veteran musicians with wonderful attitudes. We have a great time working together and the music is flawless.”

LP Conga Drums (Giovanni Palladium's) on LP Cradle Stands
Paiste 16" 602 Crash Cymbal
LP Bar Chimes
LP Cha Cha Bell
LP Shaker
Meinl Tambourines (4)
RhythmTech Tambourine
LP Tambourine

Roger is a proud endorser of Latin Percussion, Paiste Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, RhythmTech and Gibraltar Hardware.

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Buddy Williams, Gary Seligson and Roger Squitero in the pit of Motown.