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Murph Aucamp - Floyd Collins

Murph’s setup for Floyd Collins at the University of Miami Theater Department in Coral Gables, Florida.


“Floyd Collins is more of a straight play set to art music, much different from other musicals I've played. The score by Adam Guettel is very dense for a show based predominantly on Kentucky bluegrass, though the setup for me was nothing complex. This production had the 8 piece band visible to the audience behind a scrim upstage. The show is fairly dark and ambient, with a highlight of country rock/Irish jig at the end of Act I around the kit. Unfortunately, there was no space for a vibraphone on the roughly 3' wide platform.

For the Kit:
Tama Starclassic 10" and 12" Birch Toms
Pork Pie 14" Snare
Meinl Cajon as a Kick Drum (Kick wouldn't fit on platform)
Zildjian 14" K Hybrid Hats
Bosphorus 20" Master Vintage Ride
Sabian 14" Studio Crash
Paiste 17" 2002 China

A deep 18" floor tom to my right that serves for concert bass drum/tumbling rock parts
2 lead pipes imitating a pick axe
Talking Drum
Pod Rattle
Meinl Luis Conte Shaker
LP Blue Jam Block
Treeworks Chimes
Black Swamp Triangle on a Miller Machine.”

All sticks and mallets are from Innovative Percussion.