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Paul Keesling - Beaches

Paul’s setup for the world premier of Beaches at the Signature Theatre in Arlington, Virginia. This production was orchestrated by Lynne Shankel and music directed by Gabriel Mangiante.

“It's always a blast doing a brand new musical and Beaches is no exception. The orchestrator had some amazing ideas and I certainly keep busy the entire show with a good mixture of drum set, mallet and auxiliary playing.

The drums are Gretsch Catalina Club Series with an added Sonor 16" floor tom. The snare is a 6.5" DW Collector's Series Edge. Drum heads are Evans EQ2 on the Bass Drum, Genera HD on the Snare and Remo Vintage Emperors on the toms.

Cymbals from left to right are: 10" A Zildjian Custom Splash, 14" Zildjian K Mastersound Hats, 18" Zildjian Armand Medium Thin Crash and a Zildjian A Ping Ride.

The mallet instruments are Deagan Special 2 Octave Bells and a 2 1/2 Octave Pit Xylo.

Auxiliary percussion instruments include: Gon Bops Quinto, an LP Egg and a Soft-Shake, the Miller Machine with 6" Grover Symphonic Triangle, one high octave b crotale, two LP Jam Blocks, Pearl cowbell, Treeworks Chimes and Steve Weiss bell tree.

Hardware includes DW 5000 bass and hi hat pedals, Roc-n-Soc throne and Pearl, Tama, and Sonor hardware.

For sticks I’m using Vic Firth Shogun 5B drumsticks, Vic Firth American Custom Phenolic Bell/Xylo Mallets, Regal Tip Ed Thigpen Brushes, Zildjian John Riley Double Stick Mallets and Zildjian Multi-Rod Mezzo 1’s.

This show is a smorgasbord of styles and techniques including some tricky but fun simultaneous instrument grooves such as conga/shaker/bass drum/ hi hat and a funky 12/8 open/close triangle groove that I can easily play with a stick in order to get back to drum set, thanks to the Miller Machine.”

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