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Phil Martin - The Book of Mormon

Phil Martin - Book of Mormon Setup Shot01
Phil's setup for the 1st National Tour of The Book of Mormon.

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"Playing The Book of Mormon is the most challenging and enjoyable experience I have ever had as a drummer. The book was masterfully written by Sean McDaniel, and poses a number of challenges which necessitate a thoughtful set up. On my left I have the electronic components that I use in the show, along with a Remo Leon Mobley Signature Djembe and TreeWorks Chimes. The electronic sampling pad is a Roland SPD-SX which I use to trigger a number of different percussion loops, click tracks and various sound effects throughout the show. Next to that is a Roland PD-8 Trigger Pad, which is used to easily stop the loops when I’m playing the drum kit simultaneously. The djembe is often used along with the sampling pad, so those two pieces of the set up must be in tandem to ensure smooth transitions.

The drum kit itself is a Pearl Reference with 10” 12” 14” & 22” drums. The snare drum is an 8” x 14” Dunnett Titanium, and is the newest addition to this kit. The cymbals are all Zildjian, including a 22” K Custom Medium Ride, 17” & 18” A Custom Crashes, 12” A Custom Rezo Splash, 14” K Custom High Hats & 18” Oriental China Trash. There are also a number of auxiliary percussion instruments I use including an LP Jam Block, LP Rock Cowbell, Meinl Drum Set Tambourine, Meinl rattan caxixi, a Black Swamp Tambourine, and a flexatone. Last, but not least of course, I have two Miller Machines which enable lightening quick access to the triangle & finger cymbal. My headphones are GK Ultraphones and I am currently using the Pete Lockett model Vic Firth stick. All of these components work together within the set up to help me achieve my goal each night, which is to provide the most solid rhythmic & time keeping foundation possible for the actors in The Book of Mormon!