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Ryan McCausland - Blue Motion

Ryan’s setup from Stephen Whibley’s Blue Motion for his Junior recital at Montclair State University-John J. Cali School of Music in Montclair, New Jersey

“The instrumentation for this piece calls for two Marimbas (one 4.3 octave and one 5 Octave) a Vibraphone, set of Hi Hats, China Cymbal, Sizzle Cymbal, two Splash Cymbals, an Egg Shaker, Triangle, Caxixi and a Kick Drum.

The other percussionist that performed with me was Leah Stark.

We used  a 3 Octave Musser Vibraphone, a 4.3 Octave Musser Marimba and a 5 Octave Marimba One Marimba. The cymbals were Zildjian 13.25” Hybrid Hi Hats, Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash (with a homemade Sizzle Chain), an 8” A Custom Splash, a 10” A Custom Splash and an 18" Steve Weiss Brand China Cymbal. The Kick Drum is a 17x22 Yamaha Stage Custom Kick. The auxiliary percussion includes two LP Egg Shakers and an LP Caxixi.

The hardware is predominantly Yamaha and Gibraltar. The Kick Pedal is DW.

The mallets are M237 Good Vibes Mallets from Musser.

I actually found the Miller Machine while working on this piece. In the program notes the composer suggests using a triangle machine rather than hitting the triangle with the side of a mallet. I purchased the Miller Machine to use in this piece and have used it on almost every show since. Blue Motion was written by Stephen Whibley, who currently holds the position of Principal Percussionist with the BBC orchestra. I immediately fell in love with it because it blended elements of both drum set and mallet percussion. The two players play a Songo pattern between the Hi Hat and Kick Drum underneath the mallet pattern." 

Check out Ryan’s website.