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Ryan McCausland - Carousel

Ryan’s setup from the Montclair State University-Kasser Theatre Production of Carousel in Montclair, New Jersey.

“The Mallet Instruments include a 3 Octave Yamaha Vibraphone, 3.5 Octave Yamaha Xylophone, and 2.5 Octave Yamaha Orchestra Bells. The Timpani are Yamaha Concert Timpani 29” and 26”.

The Cymbals include a pair of Zildjian 13.25” Hybrid Hi Hats, a 20" Sabian HH Hand Hammered Suspended Cymbal, a pair of 20” Sabian Crash Cymbals (not pictured but situated in front of the Bells) and a 16” Sabian AA Crash (hidden behind the music stand)

The drums were a custom Gretsch drum set that belonged to the theatre. The set was all birch and included a 14”x18" Kick and a 5.5”x14” Snare. The auxiliary Snare Drum was a 5.5”x14" Black Swamp Concert Snare Drum. The setup also included a 16”x36” Pearl Concert Bass Drum (not pictured but situated behind and slightly to the left of the vibraphone) used only in the opening waltz.

The auxiliary percussion included both a Red and a Blue LP Jam Block, a Black Swamp Tambourine with German Silver Jingles, a 6” Alan Abel Triangle mounted on the Miller Machine, and an 8” LP Triangle mounted on a music stand.

The hardware is all Yamaha, DW, and Gibraltar.

Carousel was unique. It was the first and only show I’ve played completely isolated from the rest of the orchestra. Carousel was the largest orchestra Montclair had utilized for a musical theater production. There were about 40 of us and we could not all fit in the pit. As a result the ensemble was split up into three different places inside the theatre. The strings were in the open pit, the Brass and Woodwinds were off stage left behind a curtain, and I was alone in the recording studio. The opening waltz was orchestrated for a symphonic percussion section. For the first number three additional percussionist came in to accompany me. After the opening they all left and it was just me for the remainder of the show."

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