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The Book of Mormon - Broadway - Sean McDaniel

Here’s Sean’s setup for The Book of Mormon on Broadway.

“The drums are all DW: 8”x10”, 9”x12”, 13”x15” toms and an 18”x22” bass drum. (The toms and kick are all maple with reinforcing rings) My snare is a 5.5”x14” Eco-X Snare (birch/bamboo shell without reinforcing rings)

All my hardware is DW which includes 9000 pedals and a 9000 Series Rack System.

The Cymbals are all Paiste: 14" Dark Energy Light Dark Hats, 18" Signature Fast Crash, 17" Signature Fast Crash, 12" Signature Splash, 21" Dark Energy Ride and a 19" 2002 Wild China.

I’m using Remo heads on all my drums. The toms have Clear Vintage Emperors over Clear Ambassadors, the kick has a Powerstroke 3 Clear on both sides, the Snare has a Black Suede Ambassador on top and a Clear Ambassador Snare Side on bottom.

For my sticks I’m using the Vic Firth Tony Royster model.

Percussion: Remo 14" djembe, Treeworks Bar Chimes, LP cowbell, LP Jam Block, LP Cyclops tambourine. finger cymbal on the Miller Machine, triangle on the Miller Machine, Flexatone, headed tambourine and a caxixi.

Electronics: Sensaphonics In-Ear Monitors, Roland SPD-SX and an Aviom personal mixer.”

Sean endorses DW Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks and Remo Drumheads.

Check out Sean’s performance with Clay Aiken on Good Morning America.