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Tarzan - Regional - Angel Williams

Angel Williams - Tarzan Setup Shot01
Angel Williams’ combined book setup for Tarzan at the Kensington Theatre Company in South Jordan, Utah.

Angel Williams - Tarzan Setup Shot02Angel Williams - Tarzan Setup Shot03
"I combined both percussion books into 1 book using Sibelius. I am not using a djun djun, I own one but there is no space for it. I am not using Timpani, I listened to the music and watched the parts and the timpani were mostly used for accented hits that I cover with my beautiful 1920 Bass Drum with calfskin heads! I am employing Miller Machines for both a triangle and a finger cymbal. I think I stayed true to the parts and it has been a blast getting to know this music.

Oh yea, due to a cut I didn't have to use a gong, we cut from the first gong scrape to the next tune so I put that scrape on a deeper cymbal which saved me some space as well.”

  • Temple Blocks
  • LP Jam Block
  • LP Matador Bongos
  • LP CP Percussion Congas
  • Sistrum
  • Various Shakers
  • Caixixi
  • Mounted Tambourine x2
  • Field Tom (Surdo)
  • 18" Medium Ride
  • Brake Drum
  • 1920 Ludwig Bass Drum (Calf Skins) mounted on Black Swamp Multi Legs
  • Xylophone
  • Bell Tree
  • Meinl Large Rainstick
  • Concert Bells
  • 16" Djembe
  • Wind Chimes
  • Greg Bissonette DW 2000 Series Tambourine Pedal 
  • Low LP Cowbell
  • Mounted Small Cowbell on Gibraltar SC-CBPM
  • Meinl Talking Drum
  • Miller Machine for Finger Cymbal
  • Miller Machine for Triangle

Angel Williams - July 2015

Angel Williams - Tarzan Setup Shot01