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Tony Thackery - Shrek The Musical

Here is Tony’s setup for the percussion book of Shrek The Musical at the Layton High School in Layton, Utah.

“I started with inspiration from photos that others have shared from their experiences with the same musical. I like to think of the layout in three stages or modules with the timpani, keyboards, and hand drums as my main focus. I then filled in the corners with the big list of toys that go along with this show. The way the book is written it works out well that way. Many of the numbers are either heavy in hand drumming, or heavy in mallet work.

The equipment list for this show was huge, and would have been much easier to incorporate electronics, but I did it all without. Missing from the picture for space restraints are the crotales, and chimes. Due to layout of my trap tables/music stands it was a huge help to utilize the Miller Machine for the triangle. I mounted it on a boom stand above the temple blocks. The triangle was then within reach with either hand no matter where I was in my setup. It also helped clean up the space allowing me to utilize it for other things that are not so easily mountable.

The show is busy, and a lot of fun to play. Get a nice deep Djembe and groove.”