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Vanities - Regional - Dale Baker

Dale Baker's setup for a production of Vanities at the Theatre Raleigh in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“The drums are Premier Genista (all Birch shells) and consist of a 20” kick, 10” and 12” mounted toms (reversed) and a 14” floor tom. The snare is a Ludwig Supraphonic 14” x 5.5”

Cymbals are mostly Zildjian (from L to R): 14” Hi-Hats (Vintage K top, A series New Beat on bottom), 16” K Constantinople Crash with a 10” A series Splash (stacked on top), 15” K Dark Crash, 21” Istanbul Alchemy Ride and a 17” K Dark Crash (not pictured)

Auxiliary Percussion includes an LP Jam Tambourine, an Alan Abel Triangle (on the Miller Machine!) LP Bar Chimes, Vibraslap, Castanet Machine, a Toca Conga, a small Bell Tree and an LP Shaker.

Mallet percussion (bells, vibes and xylophone) is played via an M-Audio keyboard running Mainstage.

Cymbal stands are a mix of Yamaha, Premier and Tama. Pedals are all DW. Heads are Remo, except on the kick which has the Aquarian Super Kick. Sticks and mallets are from Vic Firth and the mallet/stick bag is a Humes & Berg Galaxy Grip Bag.

This picture is from the band rehearsal we did for the show. Because of space limitations, it was decided to use a midi keyboard (triggering the necessary sounds from Mainstage) for all of the mallet parts. Additionally, once we moved to the pit there was no room for a keyboard stand, so I’m using the Conga as a keyboard stand for most of the show! (When it comes time for the Conga parts, the keyboard is removed and leans up against the back wall of the pit)

And a note about the Miller Machine: There are a few numbers that include an essential triangle part that helps drive the song, but then switches quickly to drumset - I can’t imagine how I would make these transitions without my trusty Miller Machine!