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Zac Stowell - Bat Boy: The Musical

Zac’s setup for Bat Boy: The Musical at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington.

"The electronic pads on the left are used for everything from timpani to congas - as well as the infamous Bat Boy ‘Lion King Boom’ which is used to punctuate many of the more dramatic moments in the show. I simply grabbed some pads and the brain module of my Roland TD-9 V-Drums and created a Franken-stand (I combined at least 2 separate cymbal stands as well as a Tama Tom Tree) to hold everything in one unified location. After some programming I now switch between 4 customized kits which combine for every percussion sound I need during the show (all the ones I don't have live, at least).

The score is deceptively complicated, but TONS of fun to play! It moves from distorted rock to light swing to gospel rock in a moments notice.

Another personal favorite on this kit is my 1947 Ludwig Universal concert snare. I spent 4 months searching for all the parts to reconstruct it (it was only a shell when I first purchased it), and has quickly become my primary snare drum."